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Squeezing Machine

Squeezing machines  run  making press by means of tapered thread and run until damp on the soft film materials are minimized. Washed film materials are forwarded extruding in the tapered thread, water are drained out and cleaned during the forwarding application. This machine take an important and efficient role in the washing line  .Its capacity …

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Washing Tank

Washing tanks  are used  to separate materials  having compactness difference  and cleaning and denting  smudge  by means of attrition between wings and products  .Completely are manufactured from stainless steel metal and settled smudge are thrown away by means of calumny spirals .Tanks  are manufactured  at different sizes according to our customer’s needs

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Altech  crushing machines, according to the capacity needs has been supplied  appropriate models long term use has been offered by means of compact  casing design, special bearing houses and  powerful rotor design. Upper lied and  lower screen lid are hydraulic equipment and blade change and applications are facilitated. Security has been reached to maximum level …

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Plastic Recycling and Washing Lines

Our recycling facility, which helps to reclaim waste plastics, varies according to product and capacity. Our facilities, while providing customers with various alternatives, enables us to obtain full cleanness and highest quality on the product. The line consists of conveyor, crusher, washing tanks, centrifuge, drying, storage and granulation extruders. We have two types of washing …

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ALG 130×70 120X80 Air Cooling

Altech provides you perfect production quality thanks to ALG series modular recycling extruder, air cooling,consumption of few electricity, short L/D rate.Thanks to degassing area and vakum pump taking humidity of gas and fitler system, all plastic producer can in this machine.It provides the chance of recycling without damaging the quality of production with the special …

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RGT W 160-140-120-90  Preparations such as crushing, drying, intensifying and heating are made in our RGT W series recycling machines, before the product is fed to the extruder. This process is possible thanks to specialized knive design and install geometry. High quality steel is used against knive abrasion. As the pre-heating is made in the …

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Machine Type GR 115 – 80 Suitable Raw Material HDPE – LDPE Max. Output Capacity 100 KG/H Extruder Unite Main Motor 30 kw Screw Diameter Ø 115 – 80 mm Screw & Barrel Material DIN 1.8550 Screw Ratio L/D 1/18 Temperature Zone 3 zone Barrel Air Cooler Fans 3 x 0.18 kw Type of the …

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Machine Type MINI REYCLING 80 Suitable Raw Material HDPE – LDPE Max. Output Capacity 50 KG/H Extruder Unite Main Motor 18.5 kw Screw Diameter Ø 80 mm Screw & Barrel Material DIN 1.8550 Screw Ratio L/D 1/15 Temperature Zone 2 zone Barrel Air Cooler Fans 2 x 0.18 kw Type of the Filter Manuel Square …

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A wide range of flexible packaging laminates can be produced on the LAMIFLEX series laminating machines including BOPP, PET, PE LDPE, OPA, Cast films, PP, AL foil or paper using solvent free adhesives. It avoids solvent emission and eliminates the need for a heated drying tunnel and offers cost effective and cost saving solution, that …

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The new generation VENUS III slitter rewinder is a top of the range, high performance, servo-driven machine that offers mid and wide web printers and converters maximum efficiency in slitting a wide range of substrates at high speed. The overhead web path between unwind and rewind unit is an innovative design feature that promotes a …

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